President Moron Endorses Ed Gillespie for Virginia Governor

Fake President Trump a.k.a. President Moron is endorsing Ed Gillespie for Virginia's Governor. One would think after Trump's endorsement of Luther Strange in Alabama for the U.S. Senate went up in smoke, Trump would have wised up and quit endorsing candidates. Trump? Wising up?  LMAO!!

I have heard the Virginia Governor race between Ralph Northam and Ed Gillespie is pretty close. Not surprising considering there are a lot of Trump supporters in Virginia, but there wasn't enough Trump support for him to win Virginia in 2016...BUWAH HA HA HAAAA!!!!

The last thing Virginia needs is that Gillespie crook as Governor. He would just be a Trump butt-boy who would praise Trump and pledge his loyalty and shower him with flattery. You know, just like Trump's cabinet, except for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who had been reported this week calling Trump a "moron" or even a "fucking moron". At least there is one person in Trump's administration who said one truthful thing this year. Of course this infuriated Trump. In all honestly I don't think the White House staff gets too alarmed when Trump get infuriated. I'm pretty sure it's a daily occurrence since Trump never gets good press and is so blatantly the worst failure as president in the history of the United States.

Remember when George W. Bush was the worst president in history? Seems like a long time ago now doesn't it? Now Bush II seems like a Rhodes Scholar compared to Trump.

 Listening to the news, it seems tidbits of the Christoper Steele dossier are getting verified more and more each day. I think it would be funny as Hell if the last piece of the puzzle fell into place, that would be enough to get Trump impeached, and the "pee-pee" videos get leaked at the same time. That would certainly be a popcorn-grabbing moment, if one didn't get totally grossed out.

With this month of Halloween in the air, I don't know what's the worst horror show; the ones which will be played on TV or on Netflix or the horror going on in Washington, DC with the moronic president.


We Need a National Gun Registry

Here we are again grinding out the same old debates after a horrific massacre, this time in Las Vegas. Again the GOP and the National Rifle Association (NRA) are pulling out their tired old catch phrases like "It's not a good time to discuss gun control." My question; when the Hell is a good time then? Every time I hear the statement, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people", I just want to slap this shit out of the person saying it. People do kill people but guns allow a person to kill even more people.

Stephen Poddock, the 64 year old man who shot up a concert in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017, had purchased 33 guns in the past year. Currently sales of guns won't trigger an alarm with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) unless a massive purchase takes place under one transaction. They currently don't accumulate data from various sources to track who is purchasing large scores of weaponry. I believe this must change.

As I have said in Facebook posts recently, if you have to register to buy a decongestant then why don't you have to register the sales of guns and ammunition? Years ago the NRA argued against a national firearms registry because they claimed this would allow then President Obama to come and confiscate everyone's guns. This argument was and is totally absurd yet believed by many of the NRA supporters, gun advocates, "gun nuts" and the like.

The way the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is being defined now is wrong. It merely states people have the right to bear arms but doesn't say people have a right to amass an arsenal of weaponry capable of killing and wounding hundreds of people in a few seconds. The hands of the supporters of this perverse interpretation, of having the right to own as much firepower as one desires, are now soaked with the blood of innocents. Both the GOP and the NRA, in my opinion, are as guilty as the maniacs pulling the triggers on crowds of people.

A National Firearms Registry is required to alert the ATF and other authorities if someone is amassing a huge arsenal of guns and ammunition. Why would anyone need to purchase assault weapons and 400 to 500 rounds of ammunition unless someone is planning to mow down as many people as possible? These are not hunting rifles and they are not mere handguns one would purchase to protect a home. This whole argument that anyone should be able to purchase an assault rifle which can easily be converted into a fully automatic weapon, with a few parts purchasable on the internet, is insane!!

What will it take for gun supporters and the GOP to finally wise up and say there must be a National Firearms Registry and even limits on how many guns and ammunition rounds one can purchase?