I Am Boycotting Roanoke Pride and The Park

On the situation surrounding Roanoke Pride, The Park and the Greater Roanoke LGBT community:

My visit last Sunday to the Drag Brunch will be the last time I am seen at The Park as long as Jason Michael Gilmore is President of Roanoke Pride or even on the board. I thought I could do my infrequent visit, support some of the entertainers I know, and just ignore that tacky little man but it's just not worth it.

Of all the people I have encountered in my many decades of being "out", Jason Michael Gilmore is by far one of the most detestable creatures I've had the misfortune of knowing.

It seems The Park is settling back into the environment that eventually caused it to close in 2013.

Perhaps the Roanoke LGBT History group getting started should note that history in relation to The Park is repeating itself.

If The Park is yet again turning into a snake pit then people will eventually get tired of the crap, leave and it will be forced to close down like it did several years ago.

My attitude right now is let it close and good riddance if it does.