I Don't Know What To Think These Days

I am so flabbergasted with the developments over the past ten months I have trouble finding the words to say how I feel. The world has changed in a very negative way and though I usually try to have a positive outlook for the future, I'm afraid my optimism has begun to dry up. 

We have a president who constantly lies, has been and is probably working for the Russians who want nothing more than to destroy U.S. democracy and everything we believe in. What's even sadder is we have millions of so-called Americans who are happy to help them. I know there are many people who feel their government has let them down but selling out to a hostile foreign power is not the answer.

In spite of it all, I have been taking guitar lessons for the past year and eight months and although I'm striving to get better, I'm getting to the point of being not too bad. I have always wanted to take up an instrument. I have studied voice in my early days but always regretted not being able to play an instrument except some very simple keyboard. I have been orchestrating songs since 1999 and trained myself to be a sound engineer and taught myself to record vocals and background vocals and how to use the various sound effects. So I feel pretty solid in the tracking and recording part.

I've been trying my hand at more song writing. I have been releasing music now since 2013 with one full album and a few singles. In June 2017, I released a cover of the song "I Can't Let Go" which is from the TV series "SMASH". I have not been performing live very much though. I did a couple of small things in 2016 but haven't been singing out at all in 2017.

I am so tired of doing free performances that I really don't want to perform live anymore. It is nearly impossible to get clubs or other venues around town, in Roanoke , VA, to pay local artists but they roll out the big bucks for out of town acts, many who have much less musical experience than I have. In 2018, I will have been singing for 50 years. I'll be 55 years old at the end of 2017 and I started singing in public when I was five years old.

My recordings are now being heard regularly in 37 countries so I'm not worried about getting exposure. I'm getting exposure just by putting my recordings out into the world and at least I get paid royalties from the streaming services and also from the tracks I sell on iTunes, Amazon Music, etc.

I have been keeping myself busy and trying to weather the Trump storm until it hopefully and finally comes to an end one way or the other.