MCCBR Appearance

If you come to Metropolitan Community Church of the Blue Ridge (MCCBR) for the Sunday service, as it was announced yesterday, I will be selling CDs and I will personally sell you a signed copy for $10.00. I will then donate $1.00 of each CD I sell at MCCBR  to MCCBR's Building Fund. I will not be at MCCBR on Pride Sunday (9/22/13) or for the 10/20/13 service because I will be out of town on those dates.

I will be singing a few selections from my album at MCCBR on Sunday, September 29, 2013 at the 11:00 AM service. I will be posting a Facebook event for this as well.

Thanks to all who have already received a copy and for all the kind compliments and emails I've been getting. You've made the three years I worked on the album worth it.