Thoughts About Roy Moore

This week I've been watching the story of Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama Supreme Court who has been defying the federal government by ordering Alabama's probate judges not to issue same-sex marriage licenses. Though some larger districts, like Montgomery and Birmingham, have ignored Roy Moore's order many other districts are following Moore's order by either not issuing same-sex marriage licenses or not issuing marriage licenses to anyone straight or gay.

The KKK has since piped in and has given Roy Moore their support for his ruling in an open letter which is available online.

This makes me wonder; doesn't it bother Roy Moore that his actions are being condoned by the KKK? Wouldn't that send a message to anyone that perhaps they're standing on the wrong side of history when the most notorious group of bigots support your actions? Or is Roy Moore simply waiting for his complimentary white sheet and hood?

I suppose this is just my attempt to make sense out of the senseless.