Subway Restaurant Owner Refuses to Fix Heat

The heat in the Subway Restaurant located at 3327 Brandon Ave SW, Roanoke, VA has been broken since December 2014 and after I inquired why it was so cold, it seems the owner refuses to fix the heat in this location and in about two other locations in the Roanoke area as well. It is miserable to try and eat in there and I hate to think what the employees go through. Today the morning temperatures in Roanoke, VA were about 16 degrees Fahrenheit and inside the Subway location it was extremely cold. You had to keep your winter coat on in order to stay warm.

I frequent this location weekly and I hate to think Subway would allow their customers as well as their employees to endure under such impossible conditions as it is currently being experienced in this location this winter.

I have sent a complaint to the Subway Customer Service.
If you are so inclined, please submit a complaint to

Update February 20, 2015:
I found out yesterday, even though the main heating system has not yet been fixed, the Brandon Ave. Subway now has space heaters.
Thanks to anyone who wrote in to advise Subway corporate of the conditions the employees have endured for months.