Franklin Graham Serves Up More Haterade

In the news the last few days there has been a slew of articles about Rev. Franklin Graham's latest tirade of hatred towards the LGBT community. Really. Will the man ever get a clue?

This time Graham's rant is over a commercial from Wells Fargo Bank featuring a lesbian couple learning sign language so they can adopt a deaf child. I've seen the commercial and I thought it was very touching. Graham, on the other hand, fumed over how the bank was promoting immorality and pulled this $100+ million accounts out of Wells Fargo and put it in BB&T who is also a gay-friendly bank which sponsors the Miami Gay Pride Festival. The fact he went from one gay friendly bank to another in the name of Jesus and his so-called moral convictions should tell us one thing; the man is an idiot. A rich idiot for sure but still an idiot.

I have long said evangelicals are interested in two things; money and power. God and Jesus are merely their poster boys for furthering their own agenda which is basically turning America into a dictatorship with them and the likes of the Koch brothers pulling the strings. That would indeed be a sad day for this country which was founded on freedom and not religious tyranny. The mere fact that Graham, as the head of a tax free religious organization, hosts accounts in excess of $100 million should tell anyone he's all about money and power.

Graham also seems to think gays and lesbians adopting children is a way for the LGBT community to "recruit" new gays and lesbians. There again absolute bigoted stupidity. This is nothing more than a made up paranoid delusion in order to scare people. If religious groups, such as the evangelicals, didn't use the old fear tactic, they would lose control over their congregations and they want control about as much as they want money.

Fortunately the millennial generation is fed up with the hate-mongering and are leaving congregations of evangelical religions because they know what their churches are putting down is nothing more that hate-fueled hogwash. Graham is probably seeing his donations starting to go down as a result and this is what may be truly behind his latest attacks against the LGBT community.

People like Franklin Graham don't scare and intimidate me and shouldn't scare or intimidate anyone else either. Graham and others like him are going to have to learn one thing; stop the hate or they themselves will be stopped. They won't be stopped by some big, dramatic religious war. It will be far more subtle than that. Eventually they won't have enough money to sustain themselves and they will fizzle out with a whimper. If they don't change, I say good riddance. The driving force behind their machinery is dollars. Stop the dollars and the machinery stops.

Bigotry Should Not Be A Religious Freedom

When did bigotry become a religious freedom? Sure the Bible has been used to justify many wrongs in society such as condoning slavery, suppressing women's rights and still currently to justify homophobia. I ask again when did bigotry become a religious freedom?

If we allow bigotry to be a religious freedom, where will the gauntlet fall next; using religion to justify public stoning or other forms of murder? Will a father murder his wife or daughter and then get reprieved from that murder on religious grounds? I know I'm describing a steep slippery slope here but where will the line be drawn if radical religious fundamentalists and evangelicals are allowed to use their twisted version of religion to justify and protect themselves from just about anything?

Currently in the news is the horrid pizza parlor in Indiana who couldn't wait to jump at the chance to throw gays under the bus after the Indiana gay-hate law went into place by stating they will not cater pizzas at gay weddings. That's laughable at best since no respectable gay couple would serve pizza at their wedding anyway.  That pizza parlor has now had to close down due to backlash but has generated over $700,000 dollars in support money from their fellow bigots in an online campaign. Perhaps this business was already in dire straits and now has gotten what they really wanted in the first place; publicity and a ton of free money.

Mike Huckabee, ass-clown politician of fundamentalist religion, has now stated the gay community will not stop until there are no more churches. I suppose he is talking about his type of religion consisting of a bunch of finger-shaking bigoted zealots. If that's the types of churches he is talking about, I say good, I hope they cease to exist and the sooner the better. I have heard the garbage fundamentalists and evangelicals have spit out for over 40 years and I, for one, am sick of their twisted lies instilling fear in weak-minded individuals in order to inflict control over their congregations. That's not Christianity, that's just sick. They are a type of mental S&M masters over submissives. Huckabee doesn't understand anything about rights in this country.

 I have often believed if conservative religions paid as much attention to Jesus' Beatitudes as much as they do the Ten Commandments and Leviticus the face of religion would be a lot different. Oh, no, they have to stick with what stirs up the most hatred. Not very Jesus-like is it? I found out how un-Jesus-like these asses were when I sang in an AIDS Prayer Vigil in the mid-1980's. I was mentioned in my local newspaper as a participant and the string of hateful phone calls I received from people from conservative churches were so bad I had to keep my phone and answering machine turned off for weeks. I vowed then I would never again sing in a church which stated homosexuality was a sin and were prejudiced against gay people. It has now been nearly thirty years and I have never once went back on that vow and I suppose I never will.

I'll be the first to admit I'm not a very good Christian. However if people insist on comparing my level of Christianity to the definitions of the wagging-fingered jerks which is the popular comparison to Christianity these days, then my being a bad Christian is not necessarily a bad thing.