Indiana "License to Discriminate" Law

I have been watching very closely the controversy of Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which Governor Mike Pence singed into law last Thursday. I have also seen the footage of Mike Pence laughingly trying to defend this hate law on George Stephanopoulos' ABC news show and all the circus of Indiana's Republican politicians acting like they were caught with their pants down. If it wasn't so humorous it would be pathetic. Still the true intent of this law is not humorous at all. 

I've run into my share of homophobic bigots in my time, but Mike Pence and his cronies in Indiana seem to be a real piece of work. For one thing, religious freedom right laws are unnecessary since everyone already is free to practice their religion of choice or choose not to follow or practice any religion at all. Mike Pence insists the intent of the law was not to discriminate against the LGBT community. I ask then, along with many others, what was the intent? Religious freedom? The United States Constitution already does that. Who is standing in the door of churches in Indiana preventing people from going in? No one!

In all my battles with hateful and bigoted people, I've always noticed how bigots hate to be called out and forced to face their own bigotry. This is something I've seen for nearly 40 years and I see it again in Mike Pence and the supporters of this hate law.

Mike Pence may try to convince people this law wasn't intended to discriminate all he wants but the evidence and statements from other supporters and architects of this law are perfectly clear. Their intent was to allow businesses, and whoever else, the license to discriminate against the LGBT community plain and simple. They just never expected it to blow up in their faces as it did this week.

They thought they were being so slick that no one would notice. Then when people did notice, they stepped all over themselves saying, "Uuuhhh...uuuhhh...we didn't intend to hate people...Hoosiers are hospitable to everyone." Really?

I'm not going to pin a hate label on all the citizens of Indiana since it seems most of them are as appalled at this law as is most of the country. Republicans these days never seem to go along with what their constituents want anyway. They're too busy being puppets of whoever is holding the purse strings under threat of not getting I hear Koch wallets? Mitt Romney decided not to run, yet again for president, because the two cranky old brothers said to him, "You're not getting any more Koch money, Sonny" So Mitt the Twit had to go back to his little mansion and his car elevator.

I applaud all the businesses and organizations for pulling out, delaying expansions, cancelling activities and reconsidering doing business in Indiana because of this "religious freedom" law. I certainly can't blame them. I wouldn't want employees and colleagues exposed to that mess either.

I go to church myself however I do not consider anyone or any organization, I don't care how well established it is, who uses religion as a justification to discriminate and hate a Christian or a Christian body. So when the public starts speaking negatively about how "Christians" are so hateful and such, I don't take it to heart because I don't consider churches or people using religions as an instrument of hatred to be Christians at all.

It is however bothersome that people do model these bigoted and hateful church bodies as the practices of all Christians because it simply isn't so. I go to a Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) and we are open to everyone no matter what a person's background. I used to have a Jewish friend who would go to church with me at MCC. I actually liked this guy a lot but that's another story.

At MCC, there are gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered and straight people, along with their friends and families, worshiping together and getting along peacefully every Sunday. I've seen it so much now I even take it for granted.

Togetherness, peacefulness, acceptance and respect for each other; that's what true Christianity is all about; not this sitting back in judgement, wagging an accusatory finger at others and saying, "Oh you're going to burn in Hell so I'm not going to bake a cake for your same-sex wedding!"

I have also noticed over the years attending MCC, children of straight couples and children of gay couples play together just fine. The wisdom of their innocence is something that should be witnessed by some of these politicians.


Subway Restaurant Owner Refuses to Fix Heat

The heat in the Subway Restaurant located at 3327 Brandon Ave SW, Roanoke, VA has been broken since December 2014 and after I inquired why it was so cold, it seems the owner refuses to fix the heat in this location and in about two other locations in the Roanoke area as well. It is miserable to try and eat in there and I hate to think what the employees go through. Today the morning temperatures in Roanoke, VA were about 16 degrees Fahrenheit and inside the Subway location it was extremely cold. You had to keep your winter coat on in order to stay warm.

I frequent this location weekly and I hate to think Subway would allow their customers as well as their employees to endure under such impossible conditions as it is currently being experienced in this location this winter.

I have sent a complaint to the Subway Customer Service.
If you are so inclined, please submit a complaint to

Update February 20, 2015:
I found out yesterday, even though the main heating system has not yet been fixed, the Brandon Ave. Subway now has space heaters.
Thanks to anyone who wrote in to advise Subway corporate of the conditions the employees have endured for months.